Our Services
Our Services

Puerta de Jade has 3 rooms, for people who want to rest in a quiet place near the Poas.
Each one has its private bathroom. The Suite has a living room and a balcony.
You can contact us to spend a restful night with a reservation for ahead, you can offer a dinner, with natural and healthy food (we have vegetarian food and also gluten-free, no meat or alcohol is offered). We offer to stay in double, triple or a suite and a private living room with options to sleep for two persons.  One-night stay with a real breakfast included price per room. We offer living room to

fit 1 our 2 person. - Suite: 100 $ for two people - Double: 90 $ for two persons / for two persons / 120 $ for three - Triple: 120 $ (3 single beds) WE HAVE OFFERS Consult in BOOKNOW / RESERVATION Special prices for Nationals, thanks for calling us 00 (506) 64422454 The breakfasts are with fruit, scrambled eggs or omelette, Gallo Pinto  or homemade bread and jam, cheese, oats .... Dinner or vegetarian lunch: 15 $ / 25 $ per person, with reservation for later.

To confirm your reservations go directly to BOOK NOW / RESERVATION or call 00 (506) 64422454

Special Offer

For group Retreat, we offer a special package for minimum 6 persons and minimum 2 nights. 

Price $ 85 per day /per night which includes :

Second option $75 shared bedroom + breakfast+ one meal dinner or lunch+acesse to private Meditation room.

Private minibus transportation if needed nearly $20 per trip /person min. 6 persons (depending the trip you do).
Airport to Puerta de Jade /Puerta de Jade to Airport tranfer $120 /6 persons."

Shared Bedrooms

Acess to the private
Meditation Room

We offer vegetarian meals o vegan o gluten free o raw food, with fresh and mostly organic products.

Naturally prepared, with olive oil, or sesame oil or butter, and no microwave in the kitchen.

  • Ensaladas orgánicas de la Huerta                      
  • Crema de Ayote                             
  • Sopa Thailandesa  al Agridulce
  • Bollitas de Queso
  • Ensalada de zanahorias con especies    Y  otros........ segun la cosecha del dia
  • Platos de raw food or crusine, con pate vegetal
  • Flan de ayote al comino
  • Quiche francesa de Zucchini y Chile dulce 
  • Thai Noodle with herbs and veggies
  • Curry Korma vegetariano
  • Falafel y Hummous
  • Crispy Crudo de verduras con salsa Thailandesa
  • Sencillez de Camote al horno
  • Zucchini salsa Mediterraneo
  • Queque de Brocolis 
  • Pastas (champignones, o salsa Ruccola, o salsa de tomate) opcion pasta sin gluten
  • Crepes francesa
  • Crema de Pina
  • Queque de almendras
  • Queque de chocolate
  • Mousse de mango

Crystal Healing Bed Light Therapy 

Email Us to learn more

In Puerta de Jade we offer different therapies, and also a unique therapy in Costa Rica. It is Crystal Healing Bed sessions, or Cromotherapy, coming from Brazil, from a Spiritual healing Center, La Casa from John of God.

During our second Brazilian stay in Abadiana, in 2001 we were selected to own a John of God Crystal Healing Bed with the intention of sharing its healing properties with those who are called to the experience.
Crystal Healing Beds have recently been allowed out of Brazil for only selected appointed individuals.

The Crystal Healing Therapy gained U.S. national recognition when Oprah Winfrey interviewed John of God in Brazil for her “Next Chapter” series and after she interviewed Wayne Dyer about his experience with John of God. 

John of God is a world-renown spiritual healer from Abadiania, Brazil. He allows a specific group of highly evolved spirits or “entities” to take over his body and perform miraculous healings while he is completely unconscious of what is happening. 
These healings can and do occur on any or all levels – whether spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. Through John of God, literally millions of people have come and received healings of one kind or another over the past 40 years. 

He does all of his healing work free of charge, and works and travels long hours to help those in need. He designed the Crystal bed according to a guidance he received, to help people all around the world. What To Expect Each and every person who receives the Crystal healing sesion reports a different effect, each experience being unique to his/her own condition, needs, and level of awareness.